Gansu, again

It’s 10 am and we are heading to Binglingsi, one among the most famous cave temples in China. Rain is gracing me and my friend Laura with its damp presence and of course my feet are wet already. We are the real attraction here in the bus, as the man in the front seats reminds us by repeatedly glancing back, all smiles and “waiguo ren” (foreigners!).

Our stay in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu, has been brief (an afternoon more or less) but nice. We visited the museum of Lanzhou, where I could finally see the bronze flying horse unearthed at Leitai, one of the masterpieces of ancient China, and the Zhongshan bridge, allegedly the first bridge constructed over the Yellow river.

Isn’t it cute?

As always, food’s awesome

The view of the city and the Zhongshan bridge.

The I-dont-remember-the-name pagoda.

Stay tuned, folks. Let’s see if we can drown our backpacks (and our laptops with them).


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