In the footsteps of Alexander the Great

Under the scorching sun of Macedonia miles of grasslands, the swell of the hills and the dramatic rise of the mountains cornering the Aegean Sea hide a precious heirloom handed down from the IV century BCE: the rise of Macedon from a petty kingdom in the northeastern part of Greece to an empire that dominated [...]

A four days stay in Kuche, the ancient kingdom of Qiuci

I arrived at the Kuche railway station at 7 in the morning, cramped after a sleepless night spent on the train from Urumqi. I had treated myself with a ruanwo (soft sleeper), and opting for the bottom bunk so I could easily move in the coach, sit down and go to the toilet. Of course, [...]

When in Urumqi: the subtle feeling of social anxiety

I arrived in Urumqi, the capital of the Uyghur autonomous region of Xinjiang, on the 10th right after lunch. The four-hour flight from Beijing was pleasant, despite being completely packed with people, and reaching my hotel from the airport was a piece of cake: one hour and a half by bus, for the modest price [...]